present: Europe Spirit

Musicians from all over Europe are working together for one song: "It´s in the music..."

Intention of this project:

Europe is existing on the level of politics, economics, regulations in the daily news. But to exist in the hearts of the people of all countries it needs a bit more: It needs some emotions, it needs kind of a spirit.

This could be expressed by music, by a song, which is talking about the human side of different cultures coming together.

The Song "É la Musica / It´s In The Music / Der Song / Er zit muziek in / Písen pro tebe / O Amor é Música / Basta la Música / Anna sen soida / En Chanson / Muzyka" is therefore kind of a love story. A story between two people or between 27 nations and different cultures.

This song has got lyrics in ten European languages and gets performed by a collective of musicians coming together from ten different European countries.

There will be one combined European version with lyrics containing all involved languages.

This song is a big ballad with big emotions. Separate complete song versions in different languages will give this song a chance to come to the hearts of people in all countries of Europe.

In songwriting seminars artists from different European countries will come together and cooperate on new songs for Europe. And these songs will be performed in concerts together with the song "É la Musica ..."

A CD/DVD with all the song versions and a VIDEO created by WERKRAUM Karls-ruhe/Gemany will spread the project in the media all over Europe distributed by JARO Media.

Who is behind this project?

The production team Douglas & Hauser has met at international songwriting seminars in the nineties. They have developed their partnership since 1993 between the UK and Germany. The Europe Spirit Project is a natural consequence of their work.

Their latest project "Spirit'n'Jazz" has been touching the theme of intercultural dialog and the CDs are getting played on many radio stations from Australia to California. More information >>>

A good project needs good partners:

There is JukuPop, a culture office for youth- and pop-culture in the youth department of the Protestant Church in Baden/Germany as the coordinating organisation. They are specialists for organising cultural seminars and youth events.

There are the Chateau du Liebfrauenberg in France, the YMCA in Newcastle und the FELM in Helsinki.

And there are cities like Bretten and Konstanz in Germany, Strasbourg and Wissembourg in France co-organizing Europe Spirit Concerts.

There could be more partners… - are you interested? Send a mail quickly to find out how this works… :   

>  EUS(at)


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Project report 2012 events:

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